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Wickham Park, Coco Beach, FL


We have spent 2 days in Wickham Park, Coco Beach, FL. It is a state park. Very well kept with nice clean facilities. We would definitely date here again.  Isn’t this where Major nelson and Jeannie are from?



We arrived late the first day. We had an inner duelie blow…ugh. It blew off the springs and jack plate…nowhere to be found. We called Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance and the arrived within the hour to change this for us and get us going again.


We found our campsite ok, backed in, set up and then went to Sonic for dinner. We have never been to one before but it was good. Love the tots! Once back at “home” we finished organizing things and went to bed early.


Monday we took our 16 year old dog, Honey, to the beach. This was her first time and we were not sure how she would react, but she jumped around in the water like a puppy! So good to see her so happy!

There were signs entering the beach that said tsunami zone! WHAT?! Holy crap that’s scary. We went anyway!


We walked out on the pier and ate at a great little open air restaurant  The food, service and view were fantastic!


The weather has been about 82-86 degrees here and lovely. What a difference. We hear that some areas back home have had snow. Eek!

We have to pack up today and head for Fort Lauderdale for a month. Looking forward to being in the same place, getting to know the area and settling in.


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More East Coast Travel


Good morning FlatWood, NC. It’s chilly but the sun is out. Looks like a beautiful day to get some real travel in. We hope to find a great place to stay for 2 nights. It would be nice to settle in for more than a night.


We traveled way too many miles…in my opinion. I was exhausted and cranky by the time we arrived and was done for a few days.

We have settled in McIntosh Lake RV Park in Townsend, GA. This is a real mom and pop place but they were very nice and attentive.

The campground is small and right off the road but it was quiet, clean and well kept. We found that the mosquitos are terrible. The owner said they came in with the storm and should leave soon. We hope so.

After a relaxing dinner, we spent time just looking at things that needed to be secured better for travel and relaxing. To hard to go out…it’s a mosquito feeding frenzy out there!!! Early bed time seems in order.

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Last Morning In NC

It’s our last morning in Fairview, NC and I had Beth and Dallas and Amanda over for breakfast before we go. We had a nice last visit with delicious, homemade breakfast sandwiches.

Then the packing up and unhooking started. Jerry takes care of the outside, while I take care of securing the inside. Within an hour, we were ready to leave. As we started up out of the driveway, I hear two pops…we looked around and didn’t see anything so, we kept going. About 30 minutes out, we found our low air light was on and butt end of the RV was low. We pulled over at a Camping World but they could not help us. They did offer to sell us a new camper though!

We found a Freight Liner and had them look at it. The men were so very nice. Two guys were under the RV looking around and found we had a hole in one of the hoses. Sounds easy to fix but the hose had a 90 degree angle and was not an “in stock” product. Crap!

They are trying hard to find what we need so we can at least get back going again.

Sorry to Kristin. We were going to meet her for a few hours for dinner tonight but that’s not happening now. Maybe tomorrow. It’s not like we have any place to run off to!

After a few hours, the guys were able to fix the RV and get us back on the road. It was approaching dark, so we looked for a local campground and found Park Place in Flat Wood, NC. It is on the honor system and is only $30 a night. We picked a spot, filled out an envelope at the office and paid. So easy. Park Place is right off the highway and you do hear the traffic but it was a place to sleep for the night.

We had a wonderful blue cheese and green onion crusted pork chop with mashed potatoes and a mix of veggies. It was so good after a long day of frustration.

Jerry decided to go to bed early. He’s exhausted. I am staying up for a while. If I go to bed too early, I will wake up at 4 am and nobody wants that! I was up at 6 am today and feel the lack of sleep.

We hope to get a decent start in the morning and find a great campground for tomorrow night and stay two nights.

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Our Last Day in NC

It’s Sunday morning and our visit is almost over here in Asheville NC. We have another family dinner tonight and then will take part of tomorrow to visit tomorrow and visit other “family”, then we are on the road again on Tuesday morning.  
We have enjoyed spending all this time with our southern family. We have taken turns making meals and pitching in to make a great meal that we could all enjoy. It has been amazing. We have had Hacienda Tortilla stacks, a fantastic grilled meal, homemade potato soup and sandwich and lasagna. I have found a new dressing that I cannot live without, thanks Beth! Here is the recipe…you mix 2 parts olive oil with 1 part seasoned rice vinegar. We like Mitsukan. Add salt and pepper to taste and mix with whatever salad greens you like. Amazing. I could eat it everyday. Beth gave me a new bottle of seasoned rice vinegar for the road and I already made a salad!!! Yum. Thanks so very much…I love it!

Thank you so much for letting us park in your driveway, for feeding us, for letting us do a load or two of laundry and taking us to so many local places to eat and see. For church on Sunday and most importantly for just talking and spending family time. It has been amazing!!!
We are going to miss you all when we leave. Thanks to the children who have taken time out of their busy schedules to take us shooting guns, going out to nachos and beer, delish fish tacos, and for just hanging out so we could visit and meet your friends. 
We never seem to get enough time with family. Time goes by so quickly that you life is over before you know what has happened. I am telling you….SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY AND LOVE THEM…you will never regret it!!!

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Asheville, NC



We Have Arrived!!! Asheville, NC. What a beautiful area. We have loved going through the mountains but the up and down and back and forth of the roads was awful but we made it! I tried to take lots of pictures but they came out terrible. They are so much more beautiful in person.

Thank you to Beth and her family for hosting us for as many days as we wish. But, damn, that road, to your house, is so curvy and winding that it makes me sick!

We parked in the driveway and backed up to Chris & Michelle’s camper. Chris said he had RV envy. I think we should haul it behind us and use it as a quest room. They said no so we are leaving it.



Day one, we visited and then went to dinner at a local restaurant for seafood. It was a nice family, local place. The food and service were great.

Day two, we went to a local diner for lunch. We love all the accents. I’m sure they would say we are the ones who have the accent or talk funny. Everyone has been so nice.

I made dinner in our RV for the family, Hacienda Tortilla Stacks, and they all seemed to like it. I have promised to make Orange Juice biscuits for breakfast in the morning. I have never made them before so pray for me they turn out okay!!! I asked my sister-in-law, Patti, if it was okay that I share this family recipe and she said yes! She modified it from her mother’s original recipe. Please Nani, don’t come back and be mad…they are delicious! I will also share the Hacienda Tortilla Stack recipe.

Orange Juice Biscuits
1/2 C orange juice
1/2 C white sugar
1/2 stick of butter

Mix together and heat in a small pan on cook top until all is combined and let heat for another minute.
Take a 9 X 13 pan, spray bottom with Pam, pour in OJ mixture and cover with unrolled crescent rolls.
Bake in oven according to biscuit package.
Once ready let set on the counter for about 5 minutes.
Cut and serve warm.
***be sure to flip the biscuits upside down so the OJ is on the top!
You can also add what’s left in the bottom of the pan to top the biscuits. They are wonderful!!

Here is the recipe for the Hacienda Tortilla Stacks. I got this from Home Chef. This is a home delivery service that we did for several months. My husband said it was like having cooking lessons. I totally agreed. They were so helpful. I can’t wait to be in one place for a few weeks and order them again!



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We went to shoot guns one day and I realized that when I get one it will be a pee shooter. They all seem to have to much kick for me. Jerry said if I shoot more I might like a bigger gun. We will see. Thanks to Dallas for taking us to shoot.

Thanks to Amanda and Nic for going out to eat with us at Nachos and Beer. The fish tacos were amazing.

We enjoyed a grilled dinner at Chris & Michelle’s one night and dinner two nights at Beth’s. It has been a wonderful visit. Thanks for having us for so many days. We have enjoyed visiting and eating with everyone. We will be back in early December. We are going to miss you all when we leave

We have enjoyed spending all this time with our southern family. I have found a new dressing that I cannot live without, thanks Beth! Here is the recipe…you mix 2 parts olive oil with 1 part seasoned rice vinegar. We like Mitsukan. Add salt and pepper to taste and mix with whatever salad greens you like. Amazing. I could eat it everyday. Beth gave me a new bottle of seasoned rice vinegar for the road and I already made a salad!!! Yum.

Thank you so much for letting us park in your driveway and for feeding us, for letting us do a load or two of laundry and taking us to so many local places to eat and see. For church on Sunday and most importantly for just talking and visiting. It has been amazing!!!

We never seem to get enough time with family. Time goes by so quickly that you life is over before you know what has happened. I am telling you….SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY AND LOVE THEM…you will never regret it!!!

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Unicoi, TN

It’s morning in Unicoi, TN and I slept great. Ready to get the day started. Husband and dog are still sleeping so I get a little time to myself to get ready for the day. 

I am a list maker, so I made several notes yesterday while we drove of things that I wanted to take care of before we got started in the morning. It was a hodgepodge of things so I wrote, what was most important to get done before we head out today. Like the engine cover, inside the RV, likes to slide back a little when you go over 70 MPH. That definitely needs to be secured. Hated moving that back in place 20 times or more yesterday! Also, the upper window on my side has a lot of sun come in it and in my face. I took a kitchen towel and 3 black clips and have solved that problem. 

I decided to make myself a list of the things that need to be checked and secured before traveling. This would be great…I forgot to secure the sliding doors yesterday! Oops.  

As we traveled along I heard many things in my cupboards clanging together and I did not like it. I kept a sticky note pad by my seat so I could write things down what needed to be taken care of. I am anal….it’s true…so I made 2 lists this morning…things that need to be done before we leave today and things that we need to do once we reach our first destination. What a nerd! I like crossing things off my list and if you don’t, that’s ok with me, but this has always been my thing and at 51, I’m not stopping now!

Dog is up and out. It’s funny, she is enjoying the leaves. We have lived in Western New York her whole life and she has always had fall leaves, but for some reason she is acting like a puppy in them!

Husband is in bed on the iPad. Maybe waiting for breakfast. I think since I have been retired, I have spoiled him by making 3 meals a day most days! It’s okay. I love having the time to cook for him. 

We will be in Fairview, NC today to visit my husband’s sister, Beth and her family. I have never been there so I look forward to seeing the mountains and the surrounding area. 

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Sutton WV

Hello new day! It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Sutton WV. Sunny and warm with imagefantastic fall leaves.

We enjoyed our night at The Flatwoods KOA. It was very quiet and clean. We took a few pictures of the amazing outdoor fireplace and amphitheater. Wish there was something going on while we were here.

The day manager was not a peach. The internet said that the rate varied. We were imagechecking in during the middle of the week, off season and the night manager said the rate was one thing and when we explained there was another thing listed on the Internet, she said the day manager could take care of it for us when we checked out. When we talked to him he said he would not return our money and that he was not responsible for what it said on the Internet. Really!!! It’s a travel app. If you don’t want to be part of it, then contact them and make them take you off of it. A few bucks is not worth a bad review!

imageSo for those of you who have never lived in an RV, life can be a little different. When you only have 5 gallons of hot water, your shower isn’t as luxurious as it is at home. You get all wet, turn off the water, wash everything and then rinse off. This was something I had gotten use to living at camp all summer. At Flatwoods the water was very plentiful and I used their bathhouse…and left the water running the whole time. It was amazing. Small thing but if you’ve ever lived it, you understand. Also, the toilet had a ton more water as did the imagekitchen sink for dishes.

It looks like a beautiful day to travel so we are off. We hate to drive to many miles a day….we are retired and want to enjoy everything. I don’t mind pulling over and getting out or stopping to let the dog out.

We are at the gas station in Sutton and gas is only $2.15 a gallon!!! Love it. Filler up please. Then as we traveled we found gas at $2.05!

Thanks to the dick who pulled in front of us and parked at the go-mart. Thanks you jerk. Look for my rant on my Facebook page. Ugh!

imageWe traveled several hundred miles and landed in Unicoi, TN for the night at Woodsmoke Camp ground. The owners were very nice and even suggested a local restaurant for dinner…The Maple Grove. Our waitress was a very nice woman imagewho was quick to take care of us and kept checking on us. I had a seafood platter…2 shrimp, 1 crab cake (in the shell) 2 pieces of fish, mashed potatoes with gravy, Mac and cheese and a corn biscuit for $9.99!!! Jerry had spaghetti with meat sauce, a salad and garlic bread for $6.99. With drinks the imagewhole bill was under $21.00! We gave the waitress a $10 tip because she was so good imageand the food was good, cheap and served quickly. She said “oh no, that’s ok”. We insisted and she was grateful. As we checked out, she made a point to come up and thank us again. She and the food were well worth the money.

We like the Woodsmoke Campground we checked into. It’s a small mom and pop Campground in Unicoi, TN. The owners were very nice and told us about the local restaurant, which was a plus. The wifi was terrible and there was no cable so we went to bed early. The campground was very peaceful except when a train went by occasionally. It wasn’t often, and we didn’t hear it in the night so that was ok.

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On The Road

Well, I finally did it. I used all disposable items for breakfast today. That’s not what I normally do but felt it was appropriate for today. Know  that I like my real plates!

We hit the road just after 10 AM and I got a lesson in how to hookup the car to the RV. It’s not that hard but there are a lot of steps. Next lesson will be unhooking, parking, leveling and slide out. Oh boy! All good to know.

As we travel down I-79 South. I find it weird that we wobble back and forth occasionally. Jerry said its because if he sees the trucks coming he moves over. If not the wind from them moves us over. Hope I get use to that soon!

We tried to put the dog in the front window to sleep but she was not having any part of it. I finally gave up and laid her on the bed and she went right to sleep. She’s 16 years old. She deserves a nice place to sleep.

I hear several things clanging together and squeezing. I need to do a little adjusting of several things once we stop for the day. The pans in the convection oven are moving too much for my liking. The cupboard above the dinette seems to be moving a little and I don’t want anything to break.

I bought over 15 tension rods before we left and have them in…the bedroom shelves, bathroom cupboards, medicine cabinet, refrigerator, dish cupboard. I would hate to find things broken or a mess.

I also am a wellness advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils and have a full collection of their oils for my use and for sampling. The first outing we found they spilled out on the bed and floor. This time I have secured them with backing tape and they have only moved a little.

Arrived at our first campground just after 4PM. It is the Flatwoods KOA in Sutton, WV.

So far, s good. It’s kind of quiet but the season is over for most people and it is the middle of the week. I have been making a list of things to secure differently while we travel. Today was a learning experience. Nothing like opening a cabinet and things fall on you! That will be changed. When we looked on 2 different sites for a campground and it had 2 addresses. Ugh. We followed the one and it led us 5 miles out of the way. The real address is 350 Sunset Lane, Sutton, WV

We did stop along the way to let our 16 year old dog out a few times. This is a stressful trip for her and we want her to do well.

We enjoyed our night at Flatwoods and plan to get an easy start in the morning. We are in no hurry to get anywhere. It’s wonderful just to relax and take your time.


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Misc. Things We Learned This Summer


So this was our first real summer, full-time, RVing and we learned some big and small lessons.

Everyone loves a campfire.  If you are having one and invite the neighbors and img_5628friends, they will show up!  So fun.  Thank you Chad & DeeDee for always inviting us and for making it such a wonderful time.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by when we had a fire and visited.  Thank you to all who invited us to your campfires!

Participate in events.  Your campground will probably offer lots of events and you should go to as many as possible.  This is a great way to meet new people and become part of your camping community.  We are blessed to have a very active community at Hidden Valley in Kiantone, NY, where we stay from April to October.

Be nice.  We find that there are people who want you to interact with them and others who prefer to be left alone.  Figure this out early and be nice. Not all people want to have you over to visit.  Be respectful of those who want to just hang out alone.  It’s their experience too.  image

MYOB….mind your own business.  We have had people ask us if we knew this or that and we did not.  We try to only engage with those that are looking to have a relationship and those that don’t, that’s ok too.  We have tried not to pry or spread rumors about others.  We figure, if you want us to know your business you are going to share it with us.

If you are working on something….your car, RV, shed, landscaping, etc….your neighbors are going to offer to help. Let them. You can always return the favor. It’s nice to have extra hands to lighten the load!

Talk to the new neighbor who moves in next to you. We have met people from

Austria…they gave us Austirian chocolates…yummy.  We met a couple from London who now live in Canada and travel in an extreme off road RV. We now keep extra bottles of wine on hand to give to new neighbors. Our full time neighbor on the one side is a pilot for an airline. He lives in the Midwest but flies out of here 15 days a month. We also met Karen.  She is the dog walker in our park. She makes sure your dogs get 3 walks a day for a very responsible rate. You never know who you are going to meet!

Be nice, get out and meet your neighbors … they would love to meet you!



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Sat, Oct 15th

Saturday, October 15, 2016.

Here we go! We just left Hidden Valley on our great adventure…or what we hope to be our great adventure. We stopped by our daughters house to hug and squeeze on her. Yes she’s in her 30’s but I love her just the same. Then we stopped by our son, Michaels house to say goodbye to him, his wife and the baby. That was hard. The baby was not feeling up to par and has a cold. This made it very hard to leave.
Once we loved on everyone we headed to Erie, to visit family, and spend the night. On our way we found that a brake was hanging up and getting hot…like 800 degrees hot when the other one was only 200 degrees! We pulled over on the highway…checked it…and decided to keep going but use the brake as little as possible. This worked and we made it. Whew!
We parked in Jerry’s sisters driveway and set off to visit and enjoy some good family time. On Sunday morning Patti made Jerry’s favorite, orange juice biscuits and they were amazing. I kept the recipe and will post it.
Two of Patti’s daughters stopped so we could visit with them. They are such good people…I could stay here forever. Patti also let me do a quick load of laundry. Thanks for letting me have clean whites!
We had a great day of visiting, laughing, and food. So very happy we could all spend this time together.
In the morning we are planning to head out toward Pittsburgh and hope to get just past it. Our friends, Jim & Jan, who have been doing this for over 15 years, advised us not to travel after dark. They said you never want to be broken down on the side of the road in the dark…I think this is great advise! Thanks guys.
Stayed tuned on our leaving in the morning. Until then, have a wonderful night!